Shaurya Kumar

About me

My Upbringing

I was born in Kolkata in 2006.My father was working in a multinational company Franklin Templeton Amc Ltd. He was the head of East Zone and had come up his rank and profile working very hard. I was born in a city which is known for great food and taste. I have carried that in my life. My love carried thespecial taste buds from the delicacies of Kolkata. The likes of Biryani, non veg snacks and amazing sweets will bean integral part of my taste buds in my life. No wonder I am very choosy with food. I also imbibed the way of working like, remaining calm and composed. Remaining relaxed and doing work at my own pace and comfort. I started enjoying life though the lens of my own glasses. I have carried so many good attributes like Honesty, polished and being a sensitive child. My father, because of his big responsible job was very occupied and barely spended time with me. My larger time was spent with my mother and her love and compassion has made me what I am today. She has been the most important influence in my life. And as for every kids, she has been the most adorable ,lovable and yet very strict in nature .I am proud to say that she planted the sapling of habits and values in my character ,what I am today .Thank you mom ,for everything.

My early studies

I was the most loved kid in my family as I was the first child from both Parental and maternal side. I had the privilege of undivided attention and love from all members of my family. I was the most look after and attended kid in the family. I really enjoyed that phase of my life and studies took back seat. I was not very good with studies to begin with. My first tutor was Jasleen mam, she taught me English. And her good English has helped me sharpen in that subject .This was the first language that I mastered as per my age and had great dividend out of it .I have been extremely blessed with reading habit , which started reading from 6 years of my age. I have carried that habbit with me, which has changed my approach to life. Someone has rightly said that the best teacher and friend in life are books. I think I got this trait from my grandfather(Nanaji),who is a vociferous reader and a great person .I love to read mythological books and sports book.

My schooling


I am a student of Bluebells School International at New Delhi. Schooling has a big impact in anyone’s life. And I feel very happy to be part of this school. The teacher, its teaching, friends, seniors and above all the environment clearly stands out .My school gave me lot of exposure beyond studies. Some of the things I learnt from school are being a good sportsperson, a good human being, compassionate,  respecting others are all the learning’s from the school .I enjoyed the love and affection of my friends and teacher jointly. I started focussing on my studies from standard 8th and now I feel very comfortable with my progress. I have been able to focus and develop myself into a mature student. I started loving football from standard 6th and have become an ardent fan of the sport .I play, read , watch and dream about the game. I am big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. He has been a big influence and inspiration for me. My fitness, concentration and endurance are some of the learning‘s from the gentleman.